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Julia’s stepson found an old photo album. As he looked through, he commented on how beautiful and hot she was. He asked her why she had let herself go. Julia explained to him that since his father had left him for a younger woman, her self-confidence did not exist. She felt her days were just for taking care of the house and him. Her former stepson told her that his buddy’s mom was her age and was still hot! Julia became upset and felt awful about her appearance. He told her he thought she still had it, and this cheered her up a little. He kissed her and went to bed. Julia looked through the scrapbook remembering happier less stressful days. She went in to the bathroom and gazed in the mirror, she had been ignoring herself and she realized it. Julia turned in for the night. As she drifted off to sleep, she heard her ex-stepson moaning in his room and went to see if he was ok. When she got to his room, the door was cracked open. She peeked in and saw him masturbating. At first, she wanted to quickly run back to her room embarrassed, but something inside her churned. She stood watching him stroke his large cock. Her pussy got wet, and she touched herself. Julia was confused by her sexual turn on. She felt her breasts and slid a finger into her pussy. She was afraid he may see her, so she watched a minute longer then went back to her room. Julia was disturbed by these feelings towards the much younger boy. She tossed and turned, not able to get his body off her mind. She masturbated hard to relieve her desires so she could sleep.

The next morning, he rushed out because he was late. He called to her wishing her a good day. Julia got up and began her daily chores, first into his bedroom for dirty clothes. She saw a magazine on his bed with naked woman, older women with younger men. She opened it and saw that it contained stories about sexual fantasies of MILFs with young men. She was shocked at first but again she became aroused as she read some of the stories. Julia went into town to a sexy store and bought new high heels, silk stockings and a garter belt. Julia wanted to look like the women in the magazine. She took her time getting ready for an incredible evening. She slowly put on her stockings and garters, making everything look just right. When everything was perfect, she put on a pink satin nighty. She timed it perfectly. She sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him to return home. Minutes later, her stepson came home, and Julia called him into her room. He was shocked to see her dressed up and smiling. She asked him what he thought. He secretly had desires for her, and this was it! He reveled in her sexy beauty. She dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock. He guided his cock deep into her mouth with his hand on the back of her head. She leaned back on the bed and motioned for him to climb on.

He gently kissed her stockings and pussy as she continued to suck and lick his cock. She could not wait any longer, so she stripped off her lingerie and spread her legs. He buried his long cock in her pussy as she cried out in pleasure. He rolled her onto her side and took her from behind. She rubbed her breasts and clit as he pounded her from behind. She watched his young cock slide in and out of her pussy. He placed her legs on her shoulders so he could penetrate this MILF deep. She held onto her ankles and screamed in pleasure as he bottomed out in her. She got on her hands and knees and grabbed the headboard. He wasted no time in pounding her from behind. Her breasts swung back and forth as he sawed in and out of her. When he was ready to cum, he put her on her back and shot his load all over her pussy. She reached down and stroked his cock with one hand and rubbed the cum into her skin with the other. They expressed their love for each other and kissed.

The next morning, Julia was in the kitchen dressed in sexy lingerie. She joked that she did not have any cream for her coffee and wondered if he could help her out. She noticed that his boxers were tented. She dropped to her knees and starting sucking his cock in the middle of the kitchen. She decided she wanted to be more comfortable so she led him by the cock into the living room. She dropped to her knees and resumed the morning blowjob. They had a replay of last night. She leaned back on the couch and spread her legs wide. The young stud wasted no time in sliding his cock into her pussy. He held her leg up in the air as pounded her pussy. She told him how big his cock was and how good it felt inside her. She rolled over and draped herself over the arm rest and presented her ass to her young lover. He fucked her from behind as she cried out in pleasure. She rolled onto her back so she could look in his eyes as he fucked her. It was more than they could handle and they had a huge simultaneous orgasm. They gently kissed.

Stars: Stacie Starr

40SomethingMag – In Mrs. King’s Class, Everyone Gets Fucked!

40Somethingmag.comIn Mrs. King's Class, Everyone Gets Fucked! In Mrs. King's Class, Everyone Gets Fucked!

Mrs. King is one of the most popular teachers in the school. She’s a MILF, and on top of that, she’s nice to her students. For example, here’s Ivan, who she’s allowing to make up an exam. “I’m sure I’ll do fine,” he says to her. “By the way, you look great today.” But Ivan…little schmuck. He takes advantage of Mrs. King by cheating. You know, the old cheat-sheet-up-the-sleeve trick. But she’s wise to his tricks. “Let’s have it,” she demands, then she pats him down. Chest. Legs. Cock, of course. Yeah, she knows that some students like to hide their cheat sheets in their crotches, so Mrs. King digs down deep to find it. “It’s in here, isn’t it?” she says as she pulls it out…the sheet, not his cock. That’ll come later. “You’re all distracted looking at me, it’s a wonder you learn anything,” she says. “Know what happens to cheats in my class? They get to fuck Mrs. King.” Sounds to us like Mrs. King is rewarding bad behavior, but, hey, the woman is horny, and she likes being 43 and getting attention from her young students. “I’m so glad you caught me cheating,” he says as his cock is buried deep in her cheating cunt. It’s a wonder students these days learn anything (although Ivan seems to know a lot about creampies).

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Adrianna Nicole at BlacksOnCougars.com

Adrianna Nicole Adrianna Nicole
Adrianna Nicole @ BlacksOnCougars.com
I can’t believe that I came across these two ebony thugs spray painting property that my husband worked so hard to get. Ice Cold and Derek were two young punks that thought they could get away with this crime but I wasn’t having it. Once I confronted them they were more interested in staring at my big tits and undressing me with their eyes than explaining why they were fucking with my shit. I got them to my place to avoid a public confrontation when I got a bit horny and naughty and wanted to see if it was true about what they say about ebony men. Add to the fact that these ebony boys were young pieces of meat and my mood went from mad to dripping wet horny. I forgot what mad me so mad in the first point when I was given over 2 feet of big black dick to slurp down. My naked ass didn’t want to be ignored and I nearly passed out when that fat black cock made it’s way in my ass for some steamy interracial anal sex. I haven’t been fucked this, well since my high school days and these black cocks did the trick.

Adrianna Nicole Adrianna Nicole

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Hardcore Hot Moms – MILF Pussy Pumping & More

Video: MILF Pussy Pumping & More

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We took a Plain Jane nipple and boob fetish session and, by the time we were done, we had pumped her pussy and played with her boobs and nipples in multiple ways. Super close-ups, dildo plays and so many ways to explore her body. You?ll see more of her here than if she had done a full-blown XXX scene! Puss lip pulls and outrageous slow motion, as always. She is a 36-year-old redheaded MILF that made for a totally different session.

Stars: Jersey

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Gorgeous Wives Dancing at Bar

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RealTampaSwingers.com – We had our Member’s Bar Meet last Thursday night, here in Tampa. As usual, we had a great turn out of the “HottieWives,” as well as our members, and quite a few couples…..everyone was looking to have some fun…..and we always do!! Some young dancers showed up and got the party going with some great pole dancing and then the clothes started coming off!! Want to see how much fun we really have?? Well, check out the 100 photos that I have now posted!! Enjoy!!

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Julia Ann Julia Ann
Julia Ann @ BlacksOnCougars.com
Hi boys. My name is Julia Ann and you might recognize me from my time in porn but it’s always been dealing with flacid white boys. Today I’m going to counsel heart-broken Justin Long but I have something else in mind. Basically, my seasoned white pussy has alwyas been dealt white guys who either bust too early or can’t get enough blood flowing down there. I knew for the moment I met Justin in my office that I wouldn’t have any of those problems. He seemed nervous in our initial encounter but he soon relaxed when he realized that I was going to have his fat black cock and my tight wet pussy meet. My eyes couldn’t believe what they saw once Justin’s black anaconda was unleashed from his pants and at that moment I knew my mouth and pussy would never be the same. I wrapped my lips around his cock ( which is as wide as my arm) and my pussy would not be denied this day. He had me ride that fat thick black pole and the echoes of his balls slapping my ass could
be heard in offices all around us. I had to see for myself if black jizz tasted differently and it did! He blasted me with his black hose and I couldn’t have been happier. Well, I would have been happier if he brought some black buddies along with him but I’ll take what I can get……. young black meat.

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