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Krissy Lynn – Moms Big Happy Family!

MomsTeachSex – Bigtit milf Krissy Lynn knows that her new stepson, Tony, resents her for marrying her father. She tries to be motherly to him anyway. Sometimes that means nagging him about helping out around the house. Sometimes that means cooking him dinner. No matter what Krissy tries, Tony refuses to accept her.

When he finally snaps at Krissy that he doesn’t know why his dad married a homewrecker like her, though, Krissy has had enough. She disappears and then comes back clad in revealing lingerie to show her stepson exactly what his daddy sees in his new mommy. Grabbing Tony’s hand, Krissy puts it on her breast so he can feel her huge titties. Then she turns around and shakes that ass in Tony’s face.

Krissy can see how hard Tony is as she sinks to her knees in front of him and unzips his pants. Tony tries to remind Krissy that this is wrong, but she can’t answer because her mouth is too full of Tony’s cock. That deep throat BJ convinces Tony that he needs to see this through!
Mom Always Knows Best, Doesn’t She?

Britney Amber – My Step Mom Is A Cop!

Britney Amber - My Step Mom Is A Cop! Bigtit cop Britney Amber handcuffs her stepson and bangs him in her hairy pussy to help him cum so he can focus
Britney Amber – My Step Mom Is A Cop!

Britney Amber is a hard-nosed cop who doesn’t take shit from anyone, including her stepson, Ricky Spanish. She gets her bigtit bod dressed for work, then tells Ricky to stop jacking off and clean up around the house. Unfortunately for Ricky, he ignores his mom’s directive. When Britney returns home and finds Ricky right where she left him, including his hand on his dick, Britney knows that the only way to turn her stepson around is to empty his balls completely!

Whipping out her handcuffs, Britney ties Ricky up. She already knows his dick is hard as she kneels to start sucking him off. Ricky can’t believe his stepmommy has her puffy lips wrapped around his fuck stick He’s even more taken aback when Britney starts peeling off her uniform, popping her jugs out of her bra and peeling off her thong. By the time Britney has pushed Ricky onto the couch and climbed onto his cock to start riding him, though, he figures he’d better see this ride through to the very end!

Britney Amber – My Step Mom Is A Cop!

Moms Teach Sex!
Hot Moms Catching Naughty Stepsons and Daughters in the Act!

Pull Your Pants Down with Audrey Show and Marry Lynn!

Pull Your Pants Down with Audrey Show and Marry Lynn!

Moms Teach Sex – Athletic hotties Audrey Show and her stepdaughter Marry Lynn are doing their daily workout with the help of Jake Taylor. Audrey decides to help hook Marry up with Jake, and thanks to a few pointed questions she makes her intentions clear.

Jake is uncomfortable with the conversation and he tries to go back to the workout, but after he helps Marry perform a handstand he has an obvious erection! Audrey is all too willing to help Jake out with his little problem, and Marry is happy to follow her stepmom’s lead.

Sitting Jake down, the girls take turns wrapping their lips around his hard dick and sucking him down until they are deep throating. As Marry works her mouth over Jake’s manhood, Audrey gets all three of them naked and ready to move on to something even hotter!

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What happens when Mom comes home to catch her
step-daughter with a hot cock in her fresh pussy?