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Slut Wife Sharing Her Pussy for Husband to Watch in Slut Wife Training

Mike is sending is wife Michelle to Dirty D to learn to share her pussy with other men. Mike is a voyeur and wants to watch Michelle pleasing other guys. However Mike is too shy to set this up himself so he is asking for Dirty Ds help. Dirty D invites a couple of his boys over to give him a hand with this slut wife pussy sharing session. Michelle is eager to please and prove how slutty she can be. Dirty D inspects the student body and gets this start with an oral examination. Dirty D has Michelle ride his cock for a bit and then invites one of his buddies to stick his cock in Michelle’s mouth.

Dirty D makes Michelle lick his balls before he blows his load in her mouth. Michelle swallows all of his cum.

Michelle takes another cum load in her mouth and swallows it. Michelle says that she wants another load! So Dirty D’s final friend steps up and fucks her and fills her mouth with his cum! 

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Chel Learns to Swallow in Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife Training – Chel’s husband called upon Dirty D to put an end to her disrespectful habit of spitting out his cum!

Dirty D told him that she would be turned into a slut that swallows every drop of cum. Dirty D had his boys ready and waiting to fill Chel’s mouth with hot loads of cum for her to swallow. Chel was reluctant at first but soon she finds her inner slut with the help of slut wife training.

Chel now swallows every load that passes her lips!

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Voyeur Husband Sends Wife to Slut Training in Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife TrainingHot wife Danica comes to Dirty D to have him help fulfill her voyeur husband Brach’s fantasy of watching Danica perform in a porn video.

Dirty D calls up a couple of his boys to give her a well rounded slut straining session. Dirty D and the guys get Danica down on her knees sucking all of their cocks. Danica proves she has excellent oral skills. Dirty D puts Danica on the couch to give her a good double teaming. Danica eagerly takes in dicks at both ends.

The first guy to blow his load shoots it all over Danica’s back – he then scoops it up with his fingers feeding her his cum. Danica takes the next guy’s cumshot in her mouth and on her face. Dirty D finishes off Danica’s slut wife training with a nice messy creampie! Pussy Creampie Slut Wife Class hardcore hotmoms

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Slut Wife Penny Spoon Fed 3 Hole Creampie in Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife Training – Matt sent his wife Penny to Dirty D with a sign pinned to her stating Use Me. It was clear then that a three hole creampie training was in order. Penny’s training starts on her knees surrounded by cocks testing her oral multi tasking skills. Dirty D then pounds Penny’s pussy before hitting the ass for an anal creampie. Dirty D truly tests just how much of a slut Penny is by spooning the cum from her ass and feeding it to her! Slut Wife Penny 3 Hole Creampie hardcore hotmoms Slut Wives MILF

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Website Fans Wife Getting Slut Trained in Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife Training – Dan is a member and big fan of the site. He sent his wife Chrissy all the way from Tennessee for Slut Training with Dirty D. Chrissy admits that they love watching and acting out Dirty Ds training sessions at home. Dirty D begins by inspecting the student body stripping Chrissy nude. Next Dirty D examines her oral skills and Chrissy shows off some Southern Hospitality sucking two cocks at once. Watch Chrissy make Dan Proud! Website Fans Wife Chrissy Slut Wife Training hardcore hotmoms Slut Wives MILF

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Slut Wife Passed Around 3 Cocks in Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife Training – Rick set up a special surprise training for his wife Jaiden. Rick left her a note only saying dress sexy and where to visit Dirty D. Rick is a voyeur and wants to see his wife learn to share her sexy body with other men while he watches. Dirty D has a couple of his boys ready to put Jaiden through a full course of slut wife training.

Dirty D starts Jaiden off with some lap dances for all followed by her sucking every guys cock. Jaiden gets all of the guys good and hard proving her oral skills. Dirty D moves on pounding her pussy while she sucks more dick. Dirty D shoots his load all over her Daddy’s Little Sexy tattoo and passes Jaiden off to the next guy. He fucks her hot wet pussy then tags out and shoots his load all over her mouth.

The final guy jack rabbits her snatch and quickly shoots his nut painting her face with cum. Dirty D sends Jaiden home a hot sticky mess! Slut Wife Jaiden Passed Around 3 Cocks hardcore hotmoms Slut MILF

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Daddys Little Three Hole Slut in Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife Training – Eric enjoys Dirty Ds debauchery so he sent his wife Shandra over to be trained by multiple men. Dirty D has some of his boys over to help him put Shandra through a course of slut wife training. Dirty D and crew start by inspecting the student body. They strip Shandra naked showing off her nice natural tits and shaved pussy. Shandra drops to her knees and the guys surround her with their cocks testing her oral skills.

Dirty D takes the training to the couch to give Shandra some double dicking. Shandra proves she is Daddys good little slut going for extra credit by serving up her tight ass. Every guy takes a turn enjoying all of Shandras hot wet holes.

Dirty D gives Shandra an anal creampie as his seal of approval. He is followed by his boys fucking Shandra and shooting their hot cum loads all over her pretty face. They send her home to Eric a cum coated mess!

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House Wife Chilie Anal Intervention in Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife Training – Jim brought his unsuspecting wife Chilie to Dirty D for slut wife lessons since she was not giving up the ass to him. Dirty D evaluates ALL of Chilie’s sexual skills before moving on to the main lesson Anal Training 101. Jim cheers on Dirty D stating I can not think of better investment.

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The Anonymous Politician Wife in Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife Training – Jane Doe is a Politician’s Wife Dirty D was contacted by the Politician and told that his wife was not satisfying his needs anymore. He setup a training session for her with Dirty D on the condition that they MUST remain completely anonymous. Watch Dirty D and his boys train Jane Doe how to utilize all of her holes to please a man. Through her training this milk toast Mom is transformed in to a full fledged Slut Wife! Jane Doe The Anonymous Politician Wife hardcore hotmoms Slut MILF

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Schooled in Gang Bang Skills in Slut Wife Training

Slut Wife Training – Charley wanted his wife Emma schooled in advanced gang bang skills and turned to Dirty D for the job. Dirty D assured Charley that he would invite plenty of his boys over for the training. Emma starts out on the infamous Sybian to loosen up for the train of hard cocks that are lined up to fuck all of her holes. Watch this everyday housewife transform into a well trained gang bang slut ready to please an ARMY. Emma Schooled in Gang Bang Skills hardcore hotmoms Slut MILF

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