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Another Marriage Saved – Vannah Sterling

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Please Bang My Wife – I love when husbands and wives share a love of porn. Feels good knowing that the wife banging crew has helped save many, many marriages over the years. Today was no different. Vannah Sterling is a member of our website and finally got the nerve to email in some photos a few days prior. She was a sexy wife. I booked her and today was the scheduled park pickup. Walking up I spied her huge natural breasts. Husband caught me sizing up his hot wife. He was cool. Once back her husband stripped his wife down, high five me, then offer up his wife for the taking. Vannah Sterling grabbed my cock, deep throated the beast and begged me to fuck her doggie style while her husband watched. Catch another full DOWNLOADABLE movie of the wife banging crew ONLY at Please Bang My Wife.

Please Bang My Wife, Another Marriage Saved - Vannah Sterling, Wives Getting Nasty, swinger, swingers, mature babe, hardcore


Desi Foxx’s Payback Fuck

Desi Foxx mature babe MILF hardcore – There has been such an explosion of swingers. Our inbox has been flooded with requests to star on our site. People are getting freakier by the day! Most of the emails are fat and ugly couples, but I came across one that looked promising. Her name was Desi Foxx. Been married for 10 years to her high school sweetheart. Hubby cheated on her a couple times in the past AFTER she’d given in and swung with him. What a prick!

Her photos looked pretty good but didn’t quite match the age she listed on the application form. Desi was in her mid forties. One of the oldest wives we’ve had to date. My cock was excited. Does that make me a freak?

The crew met them in the park. They seem legitimate.

Back at the studio I stripped wife Desi Foxx out of her clothes. She was a true MILF. Banging body, wet pussy and huge fake tits. Just the way I like em! I shoved my cock down her throat, licked her pussy, fucked Desi silly then asked her husband to pick a spot to unleash my nut butter. He was none too pleased!

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Stale Marriage Saved – Angel Cummings

Stale Marriage Saved Hot Wife Angel Cummings mature babe MILF hardcore

Angel Cummings and her husband were into orgies before they tied the knot. Met at a party, had a great time then made it official few months later. A year into the marriage their sex life was becoming quite stale. This couple had done it all expect one thing. Watch a pornstar fuck his wife on film. Of course they contacted the wife banging crew. We love freaky couples so booked the duo right away. Once back at the studio Angel Cummings wasted no time stripping down and begging for my big black cock. Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE movie ONLY at

Stale Marriage Saved Hot Wife Angel Cummings mature babe MILF hardcore

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I Saw Lydia Lee Fucking Santa Claus!

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Lydia Lee had a great marriage and an even greater sex life with her husband. But after five years of marital bliss she wanted to spice things up by living up a fantasy she had for quite some time. She quickly called the wife banging crew to help her make her fantasy a reality. It turns out her fantasy was to get fucked by Santa Claus! Go figure that one out! I didn’t mind wearing a stinky old Santa suit even though the holidays are long over as long as I get to fuck that sweet body of hers it’ll be worth it. She was definitely into it wearing a slutty holiday outfit herself.

I quickly bent her over, pulled her thong panties between her pussy lips and munched on her MILF rug. Lydia Lee begged for her husbands permission to take that huge pornstar cock inside her MILF pussy. He teased her, made her wait for 10 minutes.

With her pussy dripping wet, hubby gave permission, and she took the entire 10 inches until this sexy wife came all over the cock while hubby applauded.

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